>Beda Notebook Dan Laptops ver.English

06 Oct

>Laptop Notebook Difference vs
More and more technological advances achieved by the more sophisticated, and the usual gadgets we use everyday becomes smaller and smaller. One example of this technological progress can be viewed on laptops and notebooks. There are significant differences between notebook and laptop, but in reality, many people tend to confuse the two. Therefore we need to find information about the different laptops and notebooks before deciding to memberlinya. Consider the following article about the differences and comparisons laptop with a notebook.



laptop is a term used to refer to a small portable computer, whose performance is almost as good as desktop PC. Although the performance is similar to but choose a desktop computer battery is weak, and therefore have a shorter life. Laptop has a small size where you can bring it with ease. In fact, the name means very little laptop so you can easily put it on the lap while working. In the case of the laptop price is relatively more expensive than desktop computers.
NotebookNotebook mean when the mean free book notes. This term is used to describe a portable computer, even smaller than a laptop in terms of size, but it has a battery life that is bigger than that. They also referred to as notebook PCs because of the fact the notebook is very small and can work as a real notebook. because of their small size, the notebook has the advantage that can be easily carried anywhere. Notebook relatively cheaper than laptops, because they have features that are lower than the laptop.
Laptop vs. Notebook1. In terms of size, the notebook has the advantage over a laptop because of the fact that the notebook is much smaller and easier to carry anywhere.2. The battery life of a laptop ranging between 2-3 hours depending on your usage, while the same in the notebook range between 4-6 hours.3. When talking about performance, the laptop has the advantage over the notebook. Far more compatible laptop to change the hardware compared to the notebook. Laptop is more compatible for a variety of hardware because it was bigger. Usually there are several devices on the laptop CD or DVD drive which most are not in the notebook.4. The cooling system on the laptop is also better than the notebook so the laptop is relatively cool during use.
Which is better: Notebook or Laptop?When talking about which one is better between a laptop and notebook there will be a sophist who will never finish because each has advantages and disadvantages masig. Excess laptop is on performance and is compatible with many hardware. Sendangkan more resilient notebook batteries and the price is relatively cheap. All returned to you whether to choose a notebook or laptop. Adjust to your budget and your needs
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