Transfer Files Easily From One To The Other

06 Oct

From Notebook To PC (& Back)
Transfer Files Easily From One To The Other
Having a Notebook as a second PC has become a necessity for many. Although you may love the freedom that a notebook provides you, you probably find yourself facing the same dilemma that many notebook users deal with on a daily basis: how to easily transfer files from one computer to another. Luckily, there are a number of ways to do this, from the simple floppy diskette to the more sophisticated peer-to-peer network.

Diskette/Disc File Transfer

Without a doubt, the tried and true method of transferring information between two computers by using a floppy diskette is still one of the simplest. Floppy diskettes have been a file storage standard for years, and most computers, regardless of power or operating system, have a floppy diskette drive installed. Floppy diskettes are also cheap, and you can record to them as easily as inserting one in your computer and dragging files onto it.

Floppy diskettes may have limited appeal for some users, though. In an age where music or database files can balloon up to many megabytes, the floppy’s capacity (1.44MB) is considerably limiting. CD-Rs and CD-RWs (CD-recordables and CD-rewriteables) are quickly becoming the cheapest ways to move very large files between computers. CD-Rs and CD-RWs (as well as recordable DVD media) are also very handy for making backups with a long shelf life (reportedly 100+ years), although you’ll need a CD-R/CD-RW drive or DVD recorder to write to them. Another option are USB flash drives the size of a keychain. Drives such as M-Systems’ DiskOnKey ( provide a lot of storage in a small device, for as little as 25 cents per megabyte.


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