20 Dec

Flakes ‘CoretanKu’: for my friend


Today is quite heavy go through, ..

Weighing kutak first ever want to go through,

This always happen to pass,

If this continues there is no pleasure that I feel … ..

That’s a bit of the story today, after many days I went through without trouble, now I’m feeling discomfort again through life. Undergoing weight today kuteringat simple question from a sister college level, “kok keliatannya brother was always optimistic and never loose the spirit, allowed to know the recipe??”.

Mmhhmm … actually embarrassed also got this question, it turns out I’ve been successful playing a theatrical world. to borrow a phrase my friend, I successfully played a character in the mask of life.

During this time I never want to show the contents of my feelings. Wherever, whenever, however, anyone, for any reason I do not want to show negative feelings on every person I meet. I always bring a positive view in any condition when interacting with people, although sometimes the weight of the waves do not think I could hide the real view.

Munafikkah I now hide the negative sense of myself? Whatever .. kutak certainly want to make other people sad sadness, birth kelelahanku sweat on my friend, kesakitanku mengaduhkan my best friend, or troubles hamper the pace of my partner. All kupendam itself, because for me to spread a negative aura, the same thing to make others suffer and that SIN … Let the tears just flowed freely in pelupuh my heart, so long as people around me do not flood the cheek.

Given the question tingkatku sister, like a labyrinth reconstruct memories of her kulontarkan ever answered first. Hopefully it all at once replied that I felt the inner turmoil now.

Here are a few pieces of wisdom that I have ever uttered to him:

Ade ‘… – usually call him by name, but I wrote it’ ade”in this paper – no one apart from the problem, every man must have felt the odds, but it will not exceed our ability as human beings. Even if there are not strong and desperate to face the problem, which is obviously not because the problem is too big, but he limited his ability in the matter.

ade ‘… the problem is an integral part of our lives, not God created everything in pairs? Well, the problem is one of our spouse, who also paired up with a solution in life. Thus, the problem must come to come to us, but always accompanied by his loyal partner of Solutions .. so our task is to be the matchmaker of the problem .. to mated with a solution.

Ade ‘… all our lives depend on the angle of view and our actions against him. Our perspective determines what we will do, … and what we do determines the outcome we will achieve. If we view the negative, then our actions will be negative, positive results have never resulted.

For that, try to start changing our perspective ..! no longer say ‘difficult’ but ‘this exciting challenge’, avoid ‘I can not’ replace with ‘I’ll try’, not ‘failed’ but something that is pending.

‘SOMETHING pending’ ..

ADE ‘… all the pain we feel from our own act, more painful if the pain comes from one eye. ‘Look at the higher in the affairs of the world, looking at the lower in matters of religion’ is the gate of suffering a first …

Ade ‘… Do not regret what you have won, but grateful ..! because, only a donkey who always considered the heaviest burdens and other people’s lives more enjoyable. Do not follow those who think the grass is greener, more stately homes. Because everything is back to complacency. In the Arab proverb ever spoken “maa idzaa Kunta dza qolbin qonuu’in, maaliku ad dunya wa anta sawaaun – if your heart is satisfied, then you have become kings in this world” Ade ‘… to be honest, ade’ must wonder why Ade ‘suffering and did not feel good today. All this because we often assume the problem on something that do not matter. Moreover, if problems arise due to envy in others, is not malevolence was devoured greedily every kindness like a devouring fire out of firewood

Ade ‘… often we are very close to God when we feel miserable, and move away when we are happy, silly it is done continuously. Nothing wrong with you closer to God, it’s just lack konsistentan you have wrong.

Ade ‘… sometimes we also feel annoyed at God, feeling that HE is not fair, or tired because our request was never granted even though every time we knocked on the door kabul HIS. Remember De ‘..

“Let’s say God answered all our prayers, then there is not another benefit. Not all sincerity God answered our prayers, but rest assured that what God is predestined according to His best for us. ”

Ade ‘… we are not raised by the problem? We could survive because it never feels the pain of success we’ve been through and become immune to the same hospital. The problem that we hadapipun makes us more rigid and successfully face the same problem. Although in reality many are terjeblos on the same hole over and over again, but is not God always gives us a chance to win that event?

Indeed sich like ass if we always stuck in the same mistakes over and over again, but it’s better than a dead ant in the sugar warehouse.

Ade ‘… changes in life that no one instant, everything came gradually and naturally, be patient achieve a change in life, because the more we wait the better the results we perolah. Like the pearl oysters that have to withstand the pain prick sandstone in their sockets, his patience produce beautiful pearls are expensive. Or like a beautiful ceramic that must endure the blows, beating, burning and pengecaran the memuakan, the result is a beautiful ceramic jar expensive. Or diamond diamonds, rubies, rubies, emerald, and other precious stones that must be filed and buffed to discover the true beauty in them.

Ade ‘… the suffering that comes only to those who obsessively and was grateful. They were tortured by thirst lust that never erased. A mountain of gold they have, not enough to make him happy before two, three, four and even the whole world they have, for as long as they do not feel happy and be a slave to his own desires.

Ade ‘… those who are happy are those who feel satisfied with what they have, although they do not have anything – a satisfied heart that’s precious treasure that can not be bought by anything except its own reach. .. Conversely those who have everything but not satisfied because they want to achieve all desires, in fact they’re the ones who suffer most.

Ade ‘… life is too precious to be spent with pain and tears. Too redundant when our energy runs out to the futility. Was not the best man are those who contribute most to the lives of others …? For that, immediately fix ourselves, to do for the life of a better world.

Ade ‘… life is easy, so why are complicated, enjoy alone … Life is only once, there lived a mean for yourself and others.

Mhmmm revealed already healer gundahku recipe tonight. Now, I can close my eyes with light, I can close your eyes with shade, no load, no bearing debt, not bergundah ridden, it looks like tonight will be a beautiful night, or at least, my sleep will be decorated with a beautiful dream. GOOD LUCK




Author: By fatur 25’feb 2010

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