Settling For Just Self Justification

21 Dec

My Note : the end of the year
As an annual routine, .. Almost a week already hari2ku spent only in the room-sized 4×4, 5m this .. aq lot of things can begin to think about here hal2 aq ever done before and how to do it again in the future.

Especially once that Aq Yg Many say thanks To the Almighty will love me too unfortunately that has been made as of now that I Rachmat also continues to provide physical safety and perfect.

Much can I underline here and I make as a mass memory, in short, all that exists on earth only a temporary means all life is only a complement and a means of living the life, “Thank God intentions before and after,” only to Him.

– Patience is given to us when the number of issues that make for the sake of life’s problems can terlaluinya problem itself with the results we want.

– Emotions, anger, resentment and hatred will only bring us further mired in an abyss of misery

– The achievement of a person’s success was made varied depending on the severity of business, sincerity and good fortune owned by that person.

But remember there is always life changing, there are times when people can achieve the highest level according to what he wants and some are still trying to reach a position that not even a little is still much below.

– Looking To TO: many can be defined with this word but Could by looking upwards as our motivation to further the spirit again in trying to achieve something.

– Looking ahead: I like this word because with this will spur us forward towards more confident and positive, not passive and pessimistic

– Looking backward: remember when we are in front do not forget anything and anyone behind us that we must look.

– Looking down: make us more honorable to appreciate ourselves with are always polite, courteous and reduce arrogance.

Hemm, .. do not feel all waktupun aq passed without knowing it, the age decreases and increases life

“I hope today will be better than the day yesterday, and tomorrow will be good again from the previous days’

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