Technorati claim token ‘EP72ZJHRQH6B’ to this claim

07 Jan

SEO experts said the master, one of the SEO techniques and ways to make our blog quickly indexed by search engines is to register our blog to the popular service. One of them is Technocrati.
or DMOZ problem is, to register our blog to Technocrati pace was quite complicated and convoluted. So sometimes we think our blog has been registered but not yet reality.

Departing from this, so I try to share the experience at the time of registering the blog to Technocrati. The steps are roughly as follows:

1. Go to the web site address Once the page opens, click Join.

2. Open register page, and fill with your data: your name, user name, address, passwords and so forth. Fill in correctly.

3. Once complete fill in the captcha box with code that is displayed, check requrired and click Join.

4. After clicking joint, you will be given emaill to Technorati account activation.

5. Log into your email, open an email message from Technorati, and then click the account activation link Technorati.

6. Now my account has been activated and you are allowed to enter. Click sign in, fill in your user name and password.

7. So open your account page, click photos or your username.

8. Maasukkan your blog address, eg for my blog url is . click Claim panel.

9. Fill in the data also feed URL to your feed URL. For example on my blog is

If using Mozilla usually feed url can be seen in the status bar located at the address above, logos RSS (Mozilla receive Atom or RSS feed url).
Right-click the symbol, you can see the address of the feed url of your blog.
10. Further description of the contents of the box with a description of your blog.

11. Then choose the category for your blog. Perhaps no category that fits with your blog. But you can choose / tick as many as three choices (or more).

12. Next enter the keyword content of your blog. When finished, click Proceed to the next step.

13. Appears notice that the data claim my blog has received and reviewed.

14. Go back to your email. There will be a message from technorati which contains a notice token code to your blog. Example code This blog is  token
Use it to claim a token of your blog.

15. Log back into Technocrati or by clicking the copy link location and paste in new tab url box. My page will appear claimed blogs, and then click Check Claim.

16. Technorati blog will verify your claim. Here’s how: go to your blog, make a new post (created New Entry) on your blog. The title was given token code, it is the same, token code diberikani. Then click Publish Post.

17. After finishing post your token code, go back to Technorati, log in to your account, locate and click Verify Claim Token.

18. Then came e-mail notification and click on your Claim Check. So the result tells us that the claim token andaa blogs Technorati has found and is being examined.
Also added: tokens that are posted on my blog had already be deleted.
Means already completed one round of Technorati.Tinggal waiting for your blog will be reviewed so that it can in the search on Technorati page.
hopefully useful!


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