Restaurants cannibal in Germany Protest Reaping

13 Jan

This restaurant is promoting the spirit of cannibalism ‘Twelve Pity’ of the Tribe Waricaca.

Germany was the scene of a site that advertises restaurants serving human meat menu. That site invites anyone to donate part of her body to be used as the main menu restaurant called Flime. Its location in Berlin.

As reported by the Telegraph, August 27, 2010 edition, the ad solicitation to donate body parts to eat it reap the German public outrage.

The ad not only invites diners to donate part of his body, but also at the same time looking for surgeons who think they are ‘open minded’.

For those who are willing to become members and donate his organs, they must be willing to participate in a culture of ‘cannibal-Wari’. Therefore, restaurant owners will ask them fill out a form prepared statement.

Up to now not been revealed where the location of the restaurant’s protests. In the sites mentioned, in running his business, the restaurant highlights the spirit of cannibalism ‘Twelve Pity’ of Waricaca tribe in Brazil.

“We see this party is a spiritual act, which has the spirit and the power consumption of living things to be given to the guests,” wrote the site.

Protests also appear. Vice President of the Christian Democratic Party Berlin Michael Braun told the newspaper the Bold, that he had received many letters complaining about the electronic mysterious restaurant.

“I think it is a joke that is misleading. However, it is very disgusting. Mainly, because there are cases where a citizen of Berlin killed a cannibal recently,” said Braun.

The case was referred Braun Armin Meiwes, a convicted perpetrator cannibalism lifetime. In 2006, Meiwes proven to kill and eat the citizens of Berlin, who according to his confession, has expressed his willingness to eat.

The victim was named Bernd Jurgen Brandes, a computer technician, who declared himself willing to eat Meiwes in 2001. Meiwes had not wasted that opportunity.

The cannibal finally cut off body parts and ate Bernd. Pieces of the body was eaten after cooked with garlic mixture, salt, and pepper.

Meiwes meal was not finished in a day. Even after several months he continued to eat the body parts of victims. When the police arrested, Meiwes had to eat nearly 20 kilograms of body parts Bernd
In the Translate from source VIVAnews

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One response to “Restaurants cannibal in Germany Protest Reaping

  1. Free Auto Classified Postings

    26/01/2011 at 10:04 pm

    Wow… the crazy stuff you find on the internet. Professionally organized cannibalism? Part of me respects the serious and legitimate approach to it. The other part is absolutely disgusted.


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